Your Breakthrough Blueprint Part 2 | Creating Goals to Get You Where You Want to Go

Maybe your last twelve months haven’t been that great.

Maybe you could change that!

Maybe you could look back, 12 months from now, and say, “Wow! I had a breakthrough year!”

You know… THE YEAR…

Where it all finally came together and you are absolutely #WINNING at life and business at a whole new level, unlike ever before. 

In this episode we are breaking down Part 2 of Your Breakthrough Year Blueprint; our proven goal setting strategy to help you absolutely experience your breakthrough year and quickly achieve what matters most without falling short or feeling overwhelmed.

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In each episode on we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. 

This week we’re providing you with a Breakthrough Goal Setting Worksheet to help you quickly create powerful goals to get you where you want to go.

This free worksheet will help you choose goals for the next 12 months that are powerful, achievable, and in alignment with who you are and where you want to be — as you’ll learn in this episode, these things are key to creating goals that actually stick!

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Creating Your Breakthrough Year 

A breakthrough year isn’t just about the money. 

It’s not about new cars, bigger houses, or once-in-a-lifetime vacations. 

A breakthrough year is about leveling up your life in all areas — and becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be!

At the end of your breakthrough year, you will be looking in the mirror at a healtheir, wealthier, happier, more fulfilled YOU! 

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Choosing Your Goals

A breakthrough year requires well-rounded goals that fit your core values and the season of life you’re in right now. 

Your goals should support and feed each other, without competing for your time and attention. It’s no good achieving one goal at the expense of several others. 

The key is to push yourself, without overcommitting yourself. When setting your goals get real and ask: What season of life am I in right now? What can I legitimately commit to if I’m willing to push myself outside my comfort zone? 

Choosing goals in each of the 7 key areas of your life; health, wealth, business, spirituality, relationships, physical environments and fun, will help you experience exponential, well rounded growth without sacrificing what’s most important to you!

How Many Goals

We recommend you start by choosing up to 10 goals for the next 12 months. 

If you have less, that’s okay. But you should have at least one goal for each of the 7 areas of your Lifestyle Wheel — some area, like your career, health or wealth, may require more than one goal!

Habit Goals vs Achievement Goals

Achievement goals, like running your first marathon, achieving a certain rank in your company, or acquiring a specific dollar amount in your savings account, have an end point.

Habit goals, like running for 45 minutes 5 days a week, prospecting 14 new people a week, or saving 10% of all incoming funds, creating lasting habits and can help to feed and support your achievement goals. 

There is no wrong or right here — and both Achievement AND Habit goals can be very powerful in helping you get where you want to go. 

If you find a large achievement goal to be too daunting, or are scared to set a new goal for something you’ve not reached in the past, start with a habit goal that you know will lead to the results you want! Remember, the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time! 

Habit goals are also excellent for areas like Spirituality or Relationships — like daily meditation, or a weekly date night with your spouse! 


You’ve heard of SMART goals, but we want to challenge you to set SMARTER goals: 

Each goal you set should be Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Risky, Time-Keyed, Exciting and Relevant.

Start by identifying exactly what you want to accomplish (specific) and how you will know when you’ve achieved it (measurable).

For example, hitting the Triple Star Galactic Rank in your company by June 1st, or prospecting 14 people a week for 12 weeks. 

Then make sure your goal is ACTIONABLE — you don’t just want to eat healthy, but cook a healthy dinner at least 5 nights each week.

Your goals should also be risky. The comfort zone may feel good right now, but nothing ever grows there. You have to stretch if you want to grow — which means you’ll have to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable! 

Is there a chance your goal may not be reached? Then you’re on the right track! 

Each goal should also be time-keyed… with a specific deadline, frequency or time trigger to signal you’ve reached your achievement goal, or that it’s time to take action on your habit goal. 

For example — read 15 minutes each morning, or sleep 8 hours a night, or rank up in my business before our annual convention in March. 

Now that you have the hard part done, close your eyes and imagine achieving your goal. Are you excited? Does it light you up? Is this really YOUR GOAL or is it a goal that’s been placed on you by someone else?

You should never spend time working for a goal that is not exciting to you! 

And finally — relevant. 

If you’re just starting your new business, your goals will not be the same as someone who’s already been in the business for 5 years. 

If you’re the Mom of young children, your goals will not look like the goals of a young professional, or a Mom with teenagers. 

Your goals should look good and feel good to you, based on your core values and where you are in your life right now! There is no wrong or right goals… only goals that are wrong or right for you! 


Now that you have your goals, it’s time to focus in: which 3 goals will you choose to focus on for the next 90 days? 

Which goals, if achieved, will have the greatest level of impact on your overall lifestyle? 

For example — if you’re exhausted from working 60+ hours a week at your job, adding an additional $1000 a month from your business so you can cut back your hours at work would have a huge impact on your health, relationships, physical environment and fun! 

Choose three goals to focus on now, that will have the biggest impact on creating your Breakthrough Year in the next 12 months.

Ready to dive in and create your goals? Grab your free Breakthrough Goal Setting Worksheet Now!


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