Why You Should Stop Relying on Social Media to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

In this week’s podcast episode we’re going to talk about why you should stop relying on social media to grow your network marketing business, branch out to other methods of digital communication and why the future of your life and business depends on it. I get it… this topic may be a bit unconventional. It might ruffle some feathers. But hang in here with me and hear me out. I assure you, it’s worth your time!

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. This week I’m providing you with my Proven Email Communication Flow Chart so you can get a sneak peek into how I’ve used email marketing in my own business for over a decade, and continue to use it today. 

I’ve been using email in my marketing (and teaching my team to do the same) since 2005 — in this flow chart you’ll get a behind the scenes peek at exactly how I incorporate email into my prospecting strategy to increase sales, enrollments and duplication!

You can download the flow chart by clicking on the image above, or just click here.

Social Media Is Great… But It Shouldn’t Be Your Only Option

I love social media. In fact, I think it’s the best thing to happen to ever happen to network marketing for many reasons: It makes it simple for the average person to work their business from anywhere, levels the playing field by providing the perfect environment for anyone to grow a network and audience, and makes it easier to connect with prospects and team members from all across the globe. 

That being said, I believe too many network marketers are putting all their eggs in the social media basket and missing out on a HUGE marketing tool that lends of new level of professionalism and security to their business. And that tool is email. 

Now before you tune me out, hear me out. I’m going to share my Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Email (in addition to social media, of course) to build your business. 

You Can’t Build a House on Rented Land 

Last I checked, we don’t own Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social media platform. And unless your name is Mark Zuckerberg, you have absolutely 0% control of how the two most popular social channels — Facebook and Instagram — are handled in the future. 

As a network marketer, your LIST is your greatest asset. Man if only I had understood this sooner! 

If you build a list you can be successful in any business, anywhere in the world, for the rest of your life. Your businesses value is in your list — and while Facebook and Instagram provide you with an excellent vehicle to grow your list by meeting people every day, you don’t own them. 

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a terrible thing: You wake up tomorrow, and Facebook and Instagram are gone. 


They no longer exist! 

Would you still be in business? 

If you woke up tomorrow without a friends list or Facebook group, would you be able to contact anyone who’s expressed interest in your business? 

That’s why you need email! When you build an email list you OWN that list. You can download the list of names, email addresses and phone numbers and use them however you wish, forever! This provides another level of security you simply don’t get when you don’t own the platform. 

Reach Matters 

We can’t talk about the benefits of email without talking about the drawbacks of social media. One of those drawbacks is the reality that only 1-2% of your Facebook audience sees any given post you put out there. Ouch. That’s a low number… and, because your name isn’t Zuckerberg… it’s one you have no control over. 

Email, on the other hand, reaches everyone. Even if someone isn’t checking their email today or tomorrow… that message from you will still be sitting in their Inbox when they return to check it. You can expect anywhere from 20-30% of the people on your email list to open your emails… that’s SIGNIFICANTLY higher than the 1-2% who will see your social media posts. 

Direct Line of Communication 

Email is more personal. It’s more intimate. It provides a direct line of communication between you and the person you’re speaking to. For this reason it’s a great way to promote content and events, share stories, specials, promotions, etc. It’s been proven that posting your link all over Facebook will get you little to no return… and that’s because 80-90% of ALL website traffic comes through links that are clicked in emails! 

It’s All About the Conversions 

At the end of the day, email will provide you with a higher conversion rate as well. In fact, many companies report that 90% of their revenue comes from links clicked in email. It’s more professional AND more personal. A win-win! 

My Email Communication Strategy

I use every social media conversation as an opportunity to get someone’s email and get them into my email communication system. Through this system I send links to videos, follow up series, and weekly communication to keep people open and engaged as they move throughout the prospecting process. 

Inside my Proven Email Communication Flow Chart I break down exactly how my Mom and I (and our team!) use email to grow our businesses bigger, faster! The best part is, thanks to the simple system we use it’s virtually all automated after the initial set up. 

Grab the flow chart now to take a sneak peek into my email communication strategy to see how it can work for you in your business!

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