I’m asked almost on a daily basis… “Kathy, where can I find people to share my business with?”

In today’s post, I’m going to give you my top 6 Free Ways to Find Leads Online.

Now, I’d be lying if I said finding people to talk to about my business and products has always been easy. There was a time, that buying leads or running pricey paid-per-click ads were the methods I relied on.

Over the years, though I’ve discovered there are other options. There are methods that really anyone can learn.

In fact, the methods I’m going to share with you today are actually EASIER and more effective! 

Let’s dig in.  

6 Free Ways to Find Leads Online

  1. Facebook Friends
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Facebook Pages
  4. “Virtual” Events
  5. Facebook Photo Albums
  6. Blogging

“Someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering
what it’d be like to know someone like you.” ~ Unknown

Let’s Dive into each of my top 6 Free Ways to Find Leads Online

#1 Facebook Friends.

Did you know you can actually download your Facebook Friend’s list into an Excel spreadsheet? It’s not difficult to do and once you’ve got it downloaded,  you can sort it to make it easier to work with.

So, what do you do with this list of names once you’ve downloaded it? Begin adding these names to your Leads list. You know, that list of names you’ve not yet reached out to about your products, service or opportunity.

And no worries… some you may never reach out to about your business. That’s okay. 

How long this might take… or how far this might move you along depends on how many Facebook friends you have but regardless, it’s a great start!

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#2 Facebook Groups. 

First, take some quiet time to simply make a list of things you enjoy doing or would like to do, would like to learn to do… or places you’d like to visit!

I’ll use one of mine as an example… our family loves to travel in our RV. Months before we purchased our RV, I joined several Facebook Groups for RV owners.  Over time I’ve had conversations in these RV Facebook Groups and made a lot of new friends! 

And… some have become Facebook Friends.

When I get a new Facebook Friend, what do I do? I add them to my Leads list. 

This doesn’t mean I immediately ‘pitch’ them about my business…

Never. Ever. Relationship first.

Make a friend and when (if) the time is right, bring up your business and it’s much more likely they’ll be receptive, but even more important… you won’t loose a friend! 

#3 Facebook Pages. 

Much like Facebook Groups… but different and yet another place to find people to talk to.

There are lots of people on Facebook that don’t belong to a single group, but they will hangout on ‘pages’ that discuss topics they have an interest in.

As you see a comment that you can relate to or can offer value to… comment and respond. I’ve met lots of new people on Facebook doing this.

The secret is to be consistent – you don’t need to follow a LOT of pages but consistently show up on the ones you select! 

Online is no different than offline… it’s about building a relationship and offering value.

People join those they ‘know, like and trust’!

#4 Virtual Events.

This one is HUGE and one I’m addicted to… because it duplicates.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing stories from business partners excited about their checks increasing!!!

Through Virtual Events, we are experiencing;

1) consultants advancing faster than ever before
2) volume growing quickly, which means
3) checks are increasing!

The combination of these three things = happy consultants!

Virtual Events can be ran through a variety of methods; Facebook Events, a Webinar platform or through a Zoom Meeting. We’ve done all three with success.   

Just trust me when I say, “if you aren’t doing Virtual Events, you need to change that!”

#5 Facebook Photo Albums.

Yep! This works… it does require you be organized and use albums but no worries, if you’ve not done so up until this point. Just change that and do it from this point forward! Your family will appreciate it AND seriously, Facebook Photo Albums truly can generate leads for your business.

Sounds simple, right? Well, many times it’s the simple things that work the best. And I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, Facts Tell — Stories Sell! And… a picture is worth a thousand words!

So, what types of albums? 

Your Travels, your team, your celebrations (promotions), if you are a leader and you do any coaching or training… even if not from stage but through webinars, etc (take photos!).

In our primary company… before/after photos are huge. We don’t post these on our profiles or pages but we do use albums in our groups! So if your product is one that before and after photos work for, what better place to showcase these than in photo albums!  

And remember… to keep adding albums and images! This is key. Be consistent. 

#6 Blogging.

I don’t personally teach this method but I do suggest you learn and implement blogging… and I have an amazing coach I that I highly recommend!

She has helped me and many others to tackle Blogging with HUGE SUCCESS! And what I love most is how simple she makes it.

She has a very ‘step by step’ teaching style which I personally appreciate.

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“The seeds of your SUCCESS are driven by your Prospecting habits!”
~ Unknown

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If you’ve been struggling to find people online… hopefully a one or more of these 6 Free Ways to Find Leads Online will work for you!

If you have friends that you think might enjoy today’s blog post, feel free to share. 

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