A Letter From Your Future Self

I’m writing this to you on December 31st, 2019… doing my best to hold back the tears as I do so.

What a year it has been! Some would even say it was a BREAKTHROUGH year!

I am SO proud of who you’ve become…You finally did it!

Not only did you face your fears and overcome your doubts,

But you crushed some pretty epic goals along the way.

2019 was the year you connected with some pretty amazing people. They inspired you and lifted you up… and showed you the power you had inside, just waiting to be unleashed.

Do you remember when it started? It was the day you said ‘YES’ to the Inevitable Success Formula…


Hey There! 

We’re the Freedom Boss Babes!

We may not have met yet, but we know a few things about you… 

You landed on this page, which means deep down you’re probably thinking:  

  •  I want this year to be different.

  • I’m tired of setting the same goals over and over again without any real results.

  • I need to be more focused and consistent in my business… my health… my LIFE.

  • I see all these other people CRUSHING it online… what do they have that I don’t?

We SO get you! 

We’ve been there too… It’s Not Your Fault.

The Lies You’ve Been Told

It’s Been Brought to Our Attention that You’ve Been Lied To About
What It Takes to Be Successful in Your Business… 

We’re Here to Set a Few Things Straight:

Lie #1: It's Easy

Let’s all be honest about at least this one thing… 

Building a network marketing business is not easy.

And just because you aren’t flying through the ranks, raking in the cash, and planning your next trip to the beach (yet), doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

Lie #2: It's Just Copy/Paste...

It’s true… 98% of people who join network marketing never make good money consistently. And many never make anything at all!

Just like most people who join a gym never lose weight…and most people who open up a savings account never get it past a couple hundred bucks.

If there was a copy/paste formula for success, everyone would be using it!

Lie #3: Just Go to This Event...

You’ve heard it before… leaders go to events!

And while that’s true, every single day there are network marketers flying home from their corporate events who will NEVER go on to be leaders in their company.

If events were the definitive answer to creating success, leaders would be buying plane tickets for their teams left and right to get them in the room.

Lie #4: Maybe I'm Just Not...

The most powerful lie is the one you’re telling yourself every time you think about quitting.

Heck, maybe you’re even telling yourself this right now.

The truth is… you ARE good enough! You ARE cut out for this!

And inside you is a burning fire so strong,
that once it’s unleashed you will truly be unstoppable.

Kathy and Jordan are an amazing team. I’ve had the pleasure to work with them… they are always in the trenches, leading by example, providing the tools and the resources their organization needs. Not only that, they’ve provided phenomenal training and coaching inside the network marketing profession. They are great leaders, great friends, and have helped a lot of people make a difference in their business.

John Melton

Every time I work with or around the Boss Babes I become more impressed with how talented they are. Not only are they amazing marketers but they’ve got huge hearts. If you’re looking to grow your business online with simple and effective strategies taught in a way that’s easy to implement and produces fast results, I couldn’t recommend them enough. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll help anyone who’s willing to take action get their business to the next level!

Justice Eagan

Just Imagine...

  • Waking up every single day 100% confident and clear about what actions you need to take, and your ability to do them!


  • Having an endless supply of motivation — focus, confidence and excitement — and finally feeling free to move forward without fear, doubt, and distractions.

  • Waking up one year from today and being able to say to yourself, ‘Wow… the last twelve months really were a Breakthrough Year!”

To put it simply… it feels amazing. 

And the best part is you already have everything you need right there inside of you. 

Just need someone to show you how to pull it out… 

To help you create a future that’s bigger than your reality, and show you how to create clear, actionable goals that absolutely drive you to action in the face of every doubt, distraction and discomfort.

You ARE cut out for this!

And inside you is a burning fire so strong, that once it’s unleashed you will truly be unstoppable.

Because here’s the thing…

Behind every success story is an equally powerful, too-often-not-told back story:

That every success was once a hot mess.

Including that leader you look up to so much!

So... Are You Ready To Learn How To Do It?

Welcome to The Fast Track.

It’s time to finally end the ‘start-stop-start-stop’ cycle so you don’t have to keep setting the same goals over and over again, only to see yourself fall short.

 The truth is… you don’t need to learn more skills. 

Your success doesn’t hinge on a perfect script, viral post or automated funnel. 

What you need is a formula to help you focus, stay consistent and act in the face of fear, distraction and discomfort… so you can implement the skills you already know and finally crush it in your business while also living a life you love!

The Inevitable Success Formula is the premiere program for home based entrepreneurs who want to overcome what’s holding them back, improve their business and live an extraordinary life free from fear and doubt. 

With 7 Core Modules and Pages of Videos, Cheatsheets, Checklists and Workbooks, our systematic and tactical approach takes the guesswork out of vision and goal setting so you can rapidly increase your self confidence, become laser focused and start your breakthrough year now.

Jordan and Kathy are some of the best trainers on network marketing, how it works, and why. Their programs have an unbelievable amount of training, videos, downloads and value. It’s so perfectly laid out and organized. I’m blown away every time I go through it!

Kari Baxter

Thank you soooo much Kathy and Jordan for your guidance, time, support and for helping me find that inner ninja that’s been in hiding, sad and depressed, for too long now!

Sharon Licht

What You Get Inside The Inevitable Success Formula

7 Modules with Dozens of Videos and Stacks of Cheatsheets, Templates, Checklists and Workbooks
+ 5 Power Bonuses and Lifetime Support Inside Our Members-Only Facebook Group

What You Get Inside The Inevitable Success Formula

7 Modules with Dozens of Videos and Stacks of Cheatsheets, Templates, Checklists and Workbooks
+ 5 Power Bonuses and Lifetime Support Inside Our Members-Only Facebook Group

Wow! What an Incredible Promotion… Right?

But, Enrollment Closes Monday at 11:45pm PST and

This Promotion Will Be Going Away

So Enroll Now While You Can!

Kathy and Jordan are a mother-daughter team with a combined experience of over 34 years in the network marketing industry. They are top recruiters who have built teams that exceed $1,000,000 in sales volume, while being known for creating a dynamic team culture and a duplicatable business that lasts by teaching simply online strategies that work! 

“Everything we teach is proven to work. We can say this with confidence because everything you see inside The Inevitable Success Formula is the exact same strategies we’ve used in our personal business for years. We will never teach anything we haven’t tried and tested ourselves. We pride ourselves on only teaching what’s working now, and what’s working BEST for us and our team!

We can’t wait to see you inside!”

Kathy & Jordan

Our Personal Guarantee

I highly recommend working with the Freedom Boss Babes. Not only are they a fun dynamic duo but they will definitely help you make what you desire into a reality.  Jordan and Kathy know have years of successful experience in Network Marketing, as well as, building their own training company.  It’s been so fun to watch their rapid growth and see all the lives their changing in the process. I would 100% jump into whatever their doing!

Julie Burke

Best decision I’ve made for my business was to start working with these ladies… they bring so much value to what they offer. Really, I’m very thankful that I found them!!

Christi Nicolet

60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will LOVE The Inevitable Success Formula that if AFTER you go through the entire program and implement the steps, you don’t feel you got the value you paid for, please email us within 60 days of your purchase and we will gladly refund 100% of your money.

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The Inevitable Success Formula…

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