Sneak Peek Inside My 10 Hour Work Week Schedule

In this week’s podcast episode I’m giving you a sneak peek inside my 10 hour work week schedule for my network marketing business. Is it really possible to work your network marketing business in just 10 hours a week? YES! This week I’m giving you a sneak peek inside my schedule so you can see exactly how I spend my time while working my network marketing business each week.

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of our time together. In this week’s episode I felt like the PERFECT resource would be a product my Mom and I created together, called Our Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle. Inside this 3-part video training we show you exactly how we use our favorite apps and online tools to plan our calendars, tackle our to list, and eliminate busy work so we can get things done in record time.

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I want to preface this episode with a disclaimer: there have been (many) seasons in my network marketing business over the past 10 years where I did work more than 10 hours a week. In the beginning, when I was just learning, I spent a lot of time just in TRAINING mode, but also had to schedule time for activity so I could get results quickly.

Anytime we’ve implemented new strategies, or done a 90-Day launch I’ve worked more than 10 hours — it takes longer to execute when you are learning something new, and the results you can generate by running full out for 90 days can and will pay you for years to come.

That being said, it IS possible to work your business just 10 hours a week and still get results. If you’re just starting out and want to go faster, be prepared to put in more time. But if that’s all you have, I’m here to tell you it is enough.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details. 

My Weekly Schedule

I break down my full schedule inside the episode. You’ll hear I actually work more like 25-30 hours each week, but the bulk of that time goes to our Freedom Boss Babes coaching business, where I do things like this podcast, and work with our Freedom University coaching clients.

As a general rule, I work my primary company 1 1/2 hours on Monday, 3 hours on Tuesday, 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday, 3 hours on Thursday and 1 hour on Friday. That’s a total of just 11 hours a week. 

Now I know what you’re saying… but Jordan, you said you were going to share your TEN hour work week schedule. As you’ll hear inside the episode I spend the bulk of this time inside messenger and Facebook groups — some of that includes our Freedom Boss Babes groups, and messages relating to Freedom Boss Babes, not our primary company. It’s more efficient for me to check messenger and groups all at once rather than splitting it up… so I estimate at least 1 hour of that time every week could be shaved off if I was ONLY handling messages and groups for our primary company.

Want to hear my entire weekly schedule broken down day-by-day? Listen in to the podcast here.

Time Blocking — Working vs Producing

You’ll find you have no trouble getting everything done in your network marketing business each week if you do two things: time block and produce. 

First, let’s talk about time blocking: I work my business in 30 minute or 3 hour time blocks, depending on the day and what activities I’m focusing on in that time. People will tell you that you can fit your business into the “nooks and crannies” of your day… and while that may be true for some people, I’ve found I am infinitely more productive if I put time blocks on my calendar and have specific tasks listed out for each block of time.

Speaking of specific tasks, be sure to tune in to the podcast episode to discover the difference between sitting down to “work on your business” vs sitting down to produce a specific result in your business. This will help you 10x your productivity, and eliminate a lot of time you spend doing “busy work” without creating real results.

Want to learn exactly what you should be doing in each time block? Be sure to download our Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle now.

Passive Activities and Active Activities

When sitting down to work my business each day I always start with the ACTIVE activities that will make me money. These income producing activities are networking, inviting, following up and enrolling. They are the lifeblood of your business, and without them you won’t have a very nice paycheck at the end of the month. 

Passive activities are also important — things like creating Facebook posts and working on training or resources for your team. But here’s the thing — without the ACTIVE activities you are simply wasting your time. Do your active activities FIRST, then use what time you have left to work on the passive activities that are also important to your business.

Don’t forget to listen to this week’s podcast episode, and click here to download our Ultimate Organization and Productivity Bundle so you can see exactly how we use our favorite apps and online tools to schedule our time, be more efficient and eliminate busy work that doesn’t get you results!

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