Prospecting on Facebook | How to Find Prospects on Facebook Using Groups

Would you like to learn how to find an endless supply of highly interested prospects for your business on Facebook for free, so you can grow your network marketing business online without bugging your friends and family?

Thanks to social media, there are millions of people just waiting to meet you on the other side of your computer screen… if you learn how to find and connect with them! 

In this episode we are sharing our top network marketing tips for how to find prospects on Facebook for free using groups.

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Finding Prospects to Share Your Business With

“I don’t know enough people” is the most common objection both before and after someone joins a network marketing company. 

And not talking to enough people is one of the leading reasons why people fail in growing their business!

If you want to grow a successful business online or off, you need to find a way to meet new people on a regular basis so you can grow your network and never run out of people to talk to!

In the ‘old days’ we did this by joining local networking and interest groups — spending hours a week attending luncheons, trade shows and meet ups for the sole purpose of building relationships and consistently growing our network. 

Now, thanks to social media, we can meet dozens of people a week online from the comfort of our home!

In this episode we are going to share one of our favorite ways to connect with your perfect prospects on Facebook using groups.

For a more detailed step-by-step example of how to find these groups on Facebook, along with our other favorite Facebook prospecting strategies and scripts, grab a copy of Our Proven Social Media Prospecting Formula!

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Why Groups Are the Best Way to Find Prospects on Facebook

As of January 2019 Facebook reported over 200 million people are using meaningful groups to find and connect with new friends who share similar interests. 

We’re not talking spammy/salsey groups — we’re talking about groups for dog lovers, travel enthusiasts and thousands of other interests who join groups for the sole purpose of meeting others who love talking about the same things we do. 

Don’t misunderstand — in no way are we suggesting you misuse these groups by sending a ton of friend requests and spammy messages. This is a great way to get kicked out of meaningful groups and, in extreme cases, even get your Facebook account shut down.

However if you follow the strategies outlined in this post and in our Proven Social Media Prospecting Formula, not only will you find an endless supply of prospects for your business… but you’ll meet some incredible new friends along the way!

Step 1: Find 5-7 Groups Where You Can Meet People

To start prospecting on Facebook using groups the first thing you need to do is find 5-7 groups to join where you can meet people with shared interests. 

Think about the things you LOVE talking about, and the kind of people you love talking to.

Think about your products or business, and the kind of people who your products may be a perfect fit for! 

Are you in a skincare or make up group? Do you have kids? Then a great group for you may be a group where other Mom’s are hanging out who also have kids around your age! 

Do you love golden retrievers? Find a group of other retriever lovers to join! 

Do you enjoy reading books? Talking business? Going fishing? Sharing fashion tips?

Take a few minutes to brainstorm the things you’re interested in and jot down your answers on a sheet of paper. 

Then, for a detailed video example of how to find these groups on Facebook, grab a copy of Our Proven Social Media Prospecting Formula here.

Step 2: Give Value and Engagement

Once you’ve found your groups, schedule at least 15 minutes every day to hang out in those groups on Facebook. 

Give value — post valuable tips that the group members would love! 

Engage — reply to other people’s posts, and always comment back on those who comment to you.

The key here is to not be weird, and never ever mention your business inside the group! Imagine you’re at a local coffee shop meeting up with some feeling Mom’s or golden retriever friends… what would you talk about? What stories or tips would you share? 

Be genuine and authentic, and… most importantly… show up consistently!

Step 3: Connect Further Through Friend Requests and Messenger

Each time you create a new post, you’ll likely get dozens of likes and comments. You can use those as opportunities to send a friend request and introduce yourself through private message! 

Never ever mention your business in this message! Remember — this is not about pitching people, it’s about making new friends! 

Set a goal to make 25 new friends each week — then follow a professional Facebook marketing strategy and posting plan on your own profile to continue building those relationships and introducing your business and products when the time is right.

Be Intentional, Have a Plan, and Take Action!

In order to grow a big business online using social media, you need a strategic plan in place that allows you to consistently grow your friend base. Your goal should be to reach 5000 engaged friends and 2,000 – 3,000 followers as quickly as possible… building relationships as you go. 

By doing this you ensure you will NEVER run out of people to talk to about your business, and will never be stuck in that friends and family bubble so many network marketers never escape from. 

For more details on how we used this strategy to create a multiple six-figure business, including step-by-step examples and messenger scripts: Grab Our Proven Social Media Prospecting Formula now!

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