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As a Network Marketer, Do I Need a Blog?

As a Network Marketer, do I need a blog? This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear!  In today's blog post... I'm going to address this question and provide you with (in opinion) both the pros and cons --- then you can decide...

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Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

Fortunately, one of the first tips I was given when I first started my Network Marketing career was abut time... and more specifically, how I must use the time I had... wisely! You see, at the time, Clayton and Paige were young (Jordan is 10 years older...

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Affirmations for Network Marketers

First, I want to define affirmations for you then we'll get into how to write them, when to use them and why they will work to create the success you want in your Network Marketing business.  Affirmations are a tool for improving our mental programming......

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