Network Marketing Tips | Why & How to Get Your Team to Live Events

Is your upline constantly hounding you, “You’ve got to go to this event!”?

Are you an upline who’s 100% sold on events, but wondering how to get your team there with you?

In this week’s episode of Freedom Boss Babes TV we’re breaking down the how and why of company events and how you can fit them into your own business building system and team culture.

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In each episode on we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. 

If there are two things that keep people from attending their company’s events it’s planning and money.

That’s why in this episode we’re providing you with our 12 Month Event Calendar and Budget Tracker!

Use this resource to plan & budget for each of your company’s events this year, and feel free to share it with your team!

You can download it for free now by clicking on the image above, or just click here. 

The 90 Day Cycles of Your Business

Each day in your business you should be networking, inviting and following up with the prospects who are in your funnel. 

Those daily activities lead into your weekly ‘event’ — a team or company video chat or conference call! These weekly events are not usually in person (although they can be), but are SO powerful in helping you & your navigate the difficult waters of this business. They will remind you that you’re not alone, and provide an excellent place for you to build team culture and relationships. 

These weekly events lead into a monthly event — a place for you, your team and your prospects to come together once a month and share stories about the company, products and how your business is changing lives. Not only are these events powerful for your prospects (they show social proof, support and team culture), but they are also powerful for your team! 

These monthly events don’t have to be live… in fact, some times it’s better if they aren’t! We utilize Facebook Events each month to connect our team and prospects all together in one place, no matter where each person lives around the globe.

Monthly events lead into quarterly events — these are live events held either by your company, or by a generic trainer in the network marketing industry. 

Once a quarter you should plan to attend an event for your business — and you should plan to bring as many team members with you as possible! We aim for 2-3 company events each year, and at least one generic event. 

This is the 90 Day Cycle of Your Business! Can you see how live events so perfectly fit in?

Click Here to Grab Our 12 Month Calendar & Budget Tracker Now So You Can Start Planning!

Why Events Are So Important

Events are the place where your company goes from your head, to your heart.

Sure, you know how awesome your business is. You love your products. You know there are people making money! 

But when you spend 2-3 days in a room with hundreds (or thousands) of others who think the same way… that’s when the REAL magic happens! 

Events are where you get to experience first hand that you are not alone in this business. And not only are you not alone, but there are others who are CRUSHING it… normal people, just like you… and if they can do it you can too! 

You’ll get to sit across the table from your social media friends, look them in the eye, and build real connections. 

And guess what? Statistics show that for every team member you have in the room at a company regional or corporate event, you’ll earn an average of $1000 in the next year.

Events are THAT POWERFUL — they change people, and your team is much more likely to take action, be consistent and get results once they’ve attended a live event.

That’s why it’s so important to get 10, 20, 50 and even more team members to your company events. 

How to Get Your Team to Events

First thing’s first: PLAN AHEAD! 

(Use Our 12 Month Event Calendar and Budget Tracker if You Need Some Guidance)

As soon as one event is over, we immediately begin talking about the next event. And We talk about the event in our team groups and on team calls every single week in the months leading up to it. 

Provide a place for people to connect — set up group chats where people can find roommates, schedule a team dinner, and decide ahead of time on a place where everyone can meet up before the event starts to connect. 

Live events can be scary — so the best way to get your team there is to make it as fun and connected as possible. Our motto at events: no one gets left behind! We’ve found by scheduling a casual meet up (often in the hotel lobby) the first night everyone is able to quickly relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend without fear.

Finally, share STORIES — both your own, and the stories of your team — of the things you experience both before and after events. We have a girl on our team who came home from her first event and enrolled 12 new business partners that next month. 

You can bet we share that story over and over again to inspire others to take the leap and book their tickets! 

Ready to start planning your event calendar and helping your team do the same? Grab Our 12 Month Event Calendar & Budget Tracker Now!

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