Network Marketing Tips — Use This Simple Blueprint to Create a 6-Figure Income

Are you looking for a daily method of operation to help you earn 6 figures with your home business?

In this week’s episode we’re sharing a simple blueprint for creating a 6-figure income online. By repeating this formula consistently (and teaching your team to do the same) you can be earning 6- or even 7-figures from your business in just a few years!

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In each episode on we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. 

This week we’ve created a free PDF download for you called Your 6-Figure Blueprint Guide.

This four-part blueprint breaks down each step of the 6-figure formula we’ll be sharing with you today, and gives you specific resources you can use to implement each step into your weekly business routine. You can access it by clicking on the image above or just click here.

Network Marketing Is About 3 Things:

At it’s core, network marketing is about 3 things: prospecting, presentation and duplication.

Prospecting has two parts: It’s finding people to talk to, and introducing them to your network marketing products or business opportunity.

Presentation is when someone who has agreed to take a look actually sits down to hear your company’s product and business story to learn how it might benefit them. This can happen in variety of ways, which I’ll cover in just a little while. 

Duplication is the heart of any network marketing organization. Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre has said, “Network marketing without duplication is just another job.”

Becoming a master at prospecting, presentation & duplication is simple, with the 4-step formula we’ll be sharing with you today… so let’s jump in and get started:

Network Marketing Tips | Step #1: Meet 5 New People a Day

If networking is a learnable skill (which it is) then we promise you can learn how to easily meet 5 people a day. And believe us… you’re oh so lucky we live in a day where social media is king, because meeting 5 new people a day was not nearly as easy when we first got started!

Seriously, when we think about all the things we’ve done to meet new people throughout our network marketing career we just have to laugh. We were either really determined or really stupid… regardless, we’re so glad social media came along to give us another way! 

The rules haven’t changed: To grow your network, go where the people are! And where are the people today? They are on social media! 

Every day over 1.6 BILLION people log into their Facebook account. You think you might be able to find a few who are interested in your products or your business?

For more detailed strategies on how to meet 5 people day online, including one of our favorites, which is how to reward people for referrals so you can build your network through people you already know, make sure you download the free 6-Figure Blueprint Guide we’ve put together for this episode.

Network Marketing Tips | Step #2: Reach Out to 3 New People Every Day About Your Products or Business

This step is essential because it keeps your funnel full. New prospects are the lifeblood of your network marketing business, and sadly we would say 99% of network marketers are struggling simply because they are not talking to enough people! 

Reach out to 3 new people a day, 5 days a week. This is a minimum! A benchmark. 

We recommend leading with the opportunity most of the time, although you might find a few instances when leading with the product is a better way to go. The reason we recommend this is because if someone says no to the opportunity, it’s very easy to ask if they have interest in becoming a customer, and then, regardless of whether they become a customer or not, ask for referrals. 

You can reach out to people in a few different ways, but our two favorite are the direct approach and the indirect approach.

We don’t have space to go into it here on this article, but in the PDF 6-Figure Blueprint Guide we’ve created for you we included a script for the direct approach and a script for the indirect, so you can see for yourself exactly what language to use to get the best results.

Regardless of which approach you use though, the key is to always be authentic. Be yourself! And one of the best network marketing tips we can give you when it comes to reaching out is to reach out to that person just like you would if you were inviting them to a movie or to go out to dinner.

If you would normally text them, text them! If you’d normally reach out through Facebook, do that! Stay congruent and don’t be weird!

Network Marketing Tips | Step #3: Follow Up with 2 People a Day

This is THE most important step in the formula… but the key is you can only get to this step if you are consistently doing steps 1 and two.

Did you know that 48% of people NEVER follow up with a prospect?

Call us crazy, but there is something seriously wrong with that picture!! We have got to get serious about upping our follow up game if we want to up our business results!

Here are our network marketing tips for following up:

Have a clear set of steps you take your prospects through that are designed to lead them to a decision.

And never end one conversation without sharing the next step in the process and setting up a time to have the next conversation… preferably within 24-48 hours.

Network Marketing Tips | Step #4: Follow Through with 1 Person On Your Team a Day

Now, what do we mean by follow through? Some days this might be nothing more than a quick text message or a Facebook message. Other days it might be a pre-scheduled coaching call.

This does not include any kind of three-way calls or three-way messaging you do with your team. This is truly just touching base and offering help or encouragement to someone on your team.

If you are consistently doing the first 3 steps in this formula this one will take care of itself. In fact, when you really get some momentum going you’ll likely be talking to more than one team member a day, and that’s a good thing!

We share our best network marketing tips on where to spend your time when working with your team inside the 6-Figure Blueprint Guide we created for you here.

So There You Have It —

Some of My Best Network Marketing Tips Put Together in a Simple 5-3-2-1 Blueprint to Create a 6-Figure Income with Your Business

So simple, in fact, that most people won’t do it. Most people won’t meet 5 new people, reach out to 3, follow up with 2 and follow through with 1… 5 days a week consistently enough for a long enough period of time to create a 6-Figure income. 

It might sound kind of harsh, but it’s true! But here’s something else that’s true… you don’t have to be ‘most people’. You can be one of the few who puts this formula into action and creates true success with your network marketing business!

You’ll find additional resources for each of the network marketing tips in this formula in our 6-Figure Blueprint PDF Guide.

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