Network Marketing Recruiting Tips | How We Recruited 51 People on Facebook

Would you like to learn how to recruit people on Facebook so you can grow your business online without parties, meetings or samples?

Thanks to our proven social media recruiting strategy we were able to recruit 51 people on Facebook last year without a single spammy post or copy/paste message! 

In this episode we are sharing our best network marketing recruiting tips and breaking down exactly how we recruited 51 people on Facebook in one year.

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In each episode on we like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get the most out of what we cover together. 

In network marketing, the fortune is in the follow up. That’s why this week we’re providing you with Our Step-by-Step Follow Up Sequence Cheatsheet.

Inside this free cheatsheet we show you the exact step-by-step follow up process we take every single prospect through so we can convert more of our prospects into customers and team members.

You can download it for free now by clicking on the image above, or just click here. 

How to Create Duplication When Building Your Business Online

Online social media strategies absolutely work for growing your network marketing business. The trick is to have a simple step-by-step process for meeting new people, inviting them to take a look, following up and enrolling so those who join you can quickly plug in and do the same.

We’ve developed this system for our own business, and are excited to break it down for you in today’s episode, along with our follow up sequence that allows us to convert more of our prospects into team members.

Without a step by step system it’s impossible to create real duplication, online or off.

So let’s dive in and talk about it:

Step 1: The Invitation

Let’s be real for a minute: copy/paste spammy ‘hey girl’ messages are sooooo annoying! 

Sure, they may have worked 5 years ago, but today your friends take one glance at that long block of text and immediately ignore and move on with their day. 

No one likes sending these messages. No one likes getting these messages. So let’s just stop them right now! 

Instead, take some time to be a human! Engage in your friends timelines, like their stuff, tell them Happy Birthday, start conversations in messenger. 

THEN, and only then, invite them to take a look. 

And please, ditch the 3-paragraph-long message and opt for something more simple. Want our proven inviting script we use in messenger every single day?

We’ve included it for you inside our Step-by-Step Follow Up Sequence!

Step 2: The Overview Video

No. people don’t want to join your team the minute you ask them. However, if you politely ask them to watch a quick video, you’re much more likely to get a yes! 

Check out your company’s YouTube channel for a quick overview video (1-6 minutes long) that will pique your prospects curiosity and leave them open to learning more. This is ALWAYS the first step we take with our prospects, and we use it as a qualification step to help us find out how interested they really are.

Step 3: The Presentation + Social Proof

In the ‘old days’ a network marketing presentation was done over coffee with a flip chart, or in a living room with a white board. 

These days, there’s nothing more powerful than utilizing the power of Facebook groups to showcase your company’s story, products and opportunity. 

Once a prospect watches our overview video and is ready to learn more, we immediately add them to a private Facebook group where they can watch a longer presentation video about our company. 

The best part is, inside this Facebook group we also announce new team members and rank advancements, share event details and special promotions, and celebrate success stories from those who are crushing it in the company! 

Not only does your prospect get to view an entire presentation at their own convenience from the comfort of their living room, but they also get a big dose of social proof that will continue to drip on them for as long as they remain inside the group!

Step 4: The Group Message

Three-Way Calls are sooooo 2010. These days we much prefer group messages inside the messenger app, and from what we have seen… our prospects do too! 

Once someone has watched a presentation we immediately plug them into a group message with our upline, and encourage them to introduce themselves and ask questions. 

The process works much like a three way call, except it doesn’t have to be scheduled and you can include multiple upline members in the chat! The best part about it is the group chat stays there forever… meaning both you and your upline can touch base and follow up as needed.

Just last week we did over 200 group messages with our team and their prospects — there is NO WAY we would have the time (or even the desire) to do that many 3 way calls in a week! Hellooooo duplication! 

Step 5: The Enrollment Steps

Once a prospect has watched the presentation videos and chatted with our upline, we move on to the next logical step: how to enroll! We always send over a list of our enrollment steps and package options and ask: When do you think you’ll be ready to get started? 

Too many network marketers don’t enroll new team members because they DON’T ASK! Follow up, follow through, and don’t be afraid to ask for that enrollment when the time is right.

Ongoing Follow Up

It would be awesome if every prospect was ready to join after quickly going through the 5 steps listed above… but usually that’s not the case. 

In fact, we enroll team members every single week who initially looked at the business 2-6 months ago! 

For ongoing follow up we post consistently in our presentation Facebook group, host monthly virtual events for our team on Facebook, and send out weekly emails with success stories to our prospects. 

The key is to check in frequently, using various tools to help you, so when your prospect is ready to make a decision they think of you!

For more details on full follow up sequence along with our proven inviting script: Grab Our Step by Step Facebook Follow Up Sequence Now!

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