Network Marketing Motivation; How to Keep Going When No One Believes in You

Do you ever feel like you’re the ONLY person in the world who believes in network marketing? If your family, friends and prospects just don’t get it… don’t worry. You are NOT alone! And in this episode I’m sharing my best network marketing motivation tips for how to stay motivated and keep going even when no one believes in you.

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of our time together. I want to help you stay motivated and continue to work your business no matter what obstacles or setbacks you may encounter… which is why I put together a free workbook called Unstoppable Vision.

In this guide I help you craft a powerful person and business vision that will leave you feeling motivated and inspired to work your business, no matter what! Your success will no longer be a possibility, it will be an inevitability. And with that knowledge and conviction you will be unstoppable! 

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Did you know an estimated 95 million people will join a network marketing business in the next 5 years? Write that stat down… and look at it any time you’re feeling like you’re the only person in the world who ‘gets it’.

That stat should be all the network marketing motivation you need to keep going… if you feel like no one else sees the vision you do… it means you simply haven’t met the right people yet! 

Success in this industry is a numbers game — and when you resolve right now to talk to as many people as you need to, for as long as it takes, then you’ll be unstoppable in your pursuit of success.

Imagine there is a pot of gold buried in a large field. You know it’s there, you just aren’t sure where. Would you dig one hole and give up? 10 holes? 50 holes? Or would you go out and dig a hole every single day, for as long as it took, until you found the gold that would leave you financially set for life? 

Your business is a pot of gold — and as long as you continue to talk to people you will eventually uncover it!

Network Marketing Motivation | Vision Makes Your Success Inevitable

When I first got started in network marketing I was a shy 18 year old kid with no network and no skills. I didn’t have much… but I did have one thing: vision. I knew if others had figured out how to grow a big business, then I could to! My success was a matter of WHEN, not IF.

It was this motivation that kept me going through many dark days. On the days I wanted to quit… and the days when people quit me.

Even more so, it was this motivation that empowered me to say no to distractions, fear, worry, and doubt. It was this vision that motivated me to get out of my comfort zone every day and do whatever it took to win. I already knew I would win… it was just a matter of time!

Network Marketing Motivation | Vision Without Action Is Useless

One mistake I made in my early days was to pour everything into my vision and not back it up with some good old fashioned hard work and hustle!

In order to succeed you must allow your vision to propel you into massive action! Use it as fuel to fight your fears and distractions — remember when you say no to your business, you’re actually saying no to your vision! You’re saying no to your dreams and to your future!

Network Marketing Motivation | Make Up for In Numbers What You Lack in Skill

In the beginning you must be prepared to make up for in numbers what you lack in skill! Remember: the time is going to pass anyway… and if you dig enough holes, you WILL find your pot of gold! 

Commit right now to persist UNTIL. 

Until you find the people who get your vision and want to run with you. 

Until you are earning X amount per month.

Until your personal vision is a reality! 

And commit right now to follow through on that commitment until you’ve talked to as many people as you need to. In the beginning you may have to talk to twice as many people to get the results you want… but over time your numbers will improve!

Are you ready create an unstoppable vision that empowers you to stay motivated even when no one believes in you? Grab my Unstoppable Vision Workbook now!

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