My 3 Biggest Mistakes on My Network Marketing Journey and How You Can Avoid Them

In this week’s podcast episode I’m getting real and authentic and sharing the 3 biggest mistakes I’ve made on my network marketing journey. Are you trying to avoid failure on your way to success? Although we’ve been taught to avoid failure at all costs, as an entrepreneur the only way to succeed is to fail. Successful entrepreneurs learn how to act in the face of fear, enjoy being out of their comfort zone and see failure as learning opportunities that set them up for greater success. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to learn from those who’ve gone before you… so enjoy this week’s episode and use the lessons I learned from these mistakes to avoid a few of your own!

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of our time together. There’s a saying that goes, “Your business will only grow as fast as you do.” and the reality is, without personal and professional growth, any one of the failures I’m about to share with you could have stopped me in my tracks. I shudder to think what my life would look like today without personal and professional development — it has not only made me a better business woman, but a better daughter, friend, partner and person.

Your network marketing journey will be riddled with obstacles and opportunities to fail by giving up. But with the right mindset, and the commitment to mastering a few simple skills you can overcome every obstacle you encounter. To help you on your journey, I’ve put together a list of My Top Failure-Avoiding Resources. In this free download I share the resources that have had the greatest impact on my life and business so you can avoid failure and achieving your wildest dreams. You can download it by clicking on the image above or just click here.

I’m really excited about this episode, but also a little nervous — we all like to show off our highlight reel, but it’s not so fun shining a light on our mistakes. I felt it’s important for you to know though: every top leader in any area of life has failed. They’ve made mistakes. They’ve messed up. And it’s through those mess ups that they have achieved success. 

I’ve learned more from my failures than from any success. And believe… there have been a LOT of failures in my business! For this episode I chose 3 that have had the biggest impact on me, hoping that you can take the lessons I’ve learned and use them to avoid falling into the same traps I did.

Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details. 

Sharing My Goals with the Wrong People

In the podcast I share a powerful story of how sharing my fragile dreams and goals with the wrong people almost led me to quit my business. This mistake taught me a powerful lesson: guard your dreams above all else, for they are your most precious possession! It is vital that you find 1-3 people who you can trust with your dreams — people who get what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and believe you can get there (even when you don’t quite believe it for yourself. Mistake to avoid? Don’t share your dreams with the “well wishers” who will belittle your dreams and call you crazy in an effort to protect you. 

Treating My Business Like a Hobby

As network marketers we have a part-time business, not a some-time business. One of the biggest mistakes I made that almost kept me stuck forever was treating my business like a hobby for the first few years. Rather than hold myself to a benchmark of activities (networking, inviting, presenting and enrolling) each week, I worked my business “when I had time” and “when I felt like it”, as long as “nothing else came up.” — and that behavior kept me broke and stuck in a dead-end job, with a business that was paying me less than my little brother’s weekly allowance. Listen to the full episode to hear how I turned things around and went from struggling with no success to speaking on stage at our international convention within just 15 months!

Thinking I’d “Arrived” When I Wasn’t Even Close

By far one of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my business was getting cocky and overly proud of myself when I had my first true taste of success. Rather than put my head down and continuing to work harder to achieve my goals, I sat back and pointed fingers at everyone but myself: my team, the company, the products, the system… and watched the success I’d created crash and burn within a matter of months. 

There were several factors at play here… a brand new start-up company that was still trying to work out the kinks, a lack of a simple duplicatable system for our team, and a few other things, but the biggest problem by far was that I quit doing the things that had got me to that point in the first place. 

The minute you become proud and uncoachable is the minute you stop growing as a leader. And the minute you point the finger at anyone but yourself is the minute you give away your ability to turn things around and make the necessary improvements. As a leader you are responsible for the culture, attitude and success of your organization… whether you have a team of 1, 100 or 10,000, this is always true. Since making this mistake almost a decade ago I’ve made sure to remind myself of it often, being careful to keep my focus on my own activity, lead by example and continuing to learn and look up to those who have achieved the success I’m still striving for. You can hear the full story inside the episode.

I shudder to think of where I’d be today without the personal and professional development I’ve had throughout my network marketing journey. Inside this Top Failure-Avoiding Resources guide I’ve put together for you, you’ll find the resources that have had the biggest impact on my life and business and have kept me in the game regardless of any obstacle, failure or setback I’ve encountered. Click on the image below to download it now:

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