When asking someone to take a look at your business or products, do you ever get objections?

Of course you do! It happens to all of us, right?

Well, in todays blog, I share three Magic Words for Overcoming Objections when talking to prospects about your opportunity or products, so you never, ever have to worry about what to say when someone objects…

and, I’ve even created a freebie that you can download and print to help you even more!

Share today’s post with your team because overcoming objections isn’t hard, if you know what to say!

Since first being introduced to this magic formula of just three little magic words they’ve worked for mw in every conceivable situation and I know they will work for you, too.  

Using these three words can take you from a position of arguing or trying to convince your prospects to a position of AGREEING with them!

WHAT??? How is that possible? 

Let me show you!!! 

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Three Magic Words for Overcoming Objections

  1. Feel
  2. Felt
  3. Found

“Objections are simply requests for more information.”
~ Brian Tracy

Simple Formula Using the Three Magic Words for Overcoming Objections

“I know just how you FEEL. I FELT the same way, too! What I FOUND was ______________.”

See, I told you it was a SIMPLE formula! 

Okay, now, I’ll give you a ‘real life’ example.

OBJECTION: “I’ve tried network marketing before and I failed.”

I was recently talking to a stay-at-home mom of three boys who I’d met in a Facebook group we’re both fairly active in. I sent her a message saying I enjoyed her comments in the group. That I appreciated how encouraging and positive she always was and that I always enjoyed reading her posts.

I then went on to say, “I’m not sure if you know but I’m with XYZ company and I know you could do really well at it. Are you open to taking a look?” 

Her reply was an objection, “I’ve tried network marketing before and I wasn’t any good at it.”

I replied with the simple formula using the three magic words!

Here is word for word what I said, “I know just how you FEEL, Mary (not her real name). As a matter of fact, I FELT the same way because I had tried several companies prior to XYZ Company and didn’t reach my goals either! What I FOUND is XYZ Company is really different. The tools and training are in place, as is a proven system. I realize now that there were missing pieces before but fortunately that is not the case here. I’m having success, as are many others and I’m sure this can work for you, as well!”

And guess what Mary said is response to my reply? She agreed to take a look and without not hesitancy!

Her exact response was, “That sounds exciting. I’d like to take a look. Can you give me some more information?”

Do you see how easy it is to gain warmth and trust with the simple formula using the three magic words of FEEL, FELT, and FOUND?

If you’d like more examples for the most common objections, be sure and grab the FREE download I’ve created for you below! It’s a pdf that you can print and refer to as often as needed! 

When this Simple Three-Word Formula was new to me, I kept a copy on my office bulletin board where I could see when sitting at my desk.

This helped me to develop the habit of using it… so I provided you a copy in the FREE download, as well… just pin it up as a reminder for when working your business!  

It saved me so many times!

Having it in a visible place where I could see it daily helped me to develop the habit of AGREEING with my prospects in place of trying to convince or to come across as if I was arguing with them, which we know never works — and isn’t our intent anyway! 

I hope it helps you, too. 

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