Personally Work Directly with the
Freedom Boss Babes

First of all, we think it’s awesome that you’ve come to this page and are looking to work more closely with us. If you are here looking to partner with us in our primary Network Marketing company, you’ve come to the right place! 

If you are looking to have us personally coach you in regards to your current network marketing company please check out our Recommended Tools and & Resources.

Having been leaders the network marketing industry for well over a decade, we’ve been exposed to many different network marketing companies and business models. However, to be quite honest, there are some very specific reasons why we chose to partner with the company we’re with.

A global company with a corporate team that embraces social media and building online the RIGHT way

A globally-recognized “Dream Team” upline with some of the most well-known online network marketing leaders on the planet

A proven system for building 100% online with no inventory, no home parties or live launches and no hotel meetings, from anywhere in the world as long as you have wifi!

A large catalog of products with a mass-market appeal that attracts both men AND women

Products we would use and consume every month, even if there was no comp plan

A lucrative customer program that rewards people for getting (and keeping) customers, and allows them to rank advance through the comp plan even if they don’t want to build a team

A strong compensation plan for team builders that rewards and compensates people on the front end (when they’re just getting started) and on the back end (with long-term residuals)

Thousands of success stories among its customers and business builders

That being said… 

We have no idea if those qualities are important to you when exploring a new partnership, but when you’re looking for a new network marketing home it is important to find a company and model that fits YOU!

If you’re looking to do something new in your network marketing career, or if you’re even just looking to work from home for the very first time, we encourage you to find a company that ticks all your boxes. Training and support are paramount, as are a company that fits the culture you wish to create in your own life. 

As awesome as it would be to work together, we want to make sure it’s a a good fit for both of us. Think about that as you dive into the information we’ll be sharing with you about joining our team. 

We don’t work with everyone who wants to join because, quite frankly, its just not always a good fit. We invest a great deal of time into coaching and training our personally sponsored consultants on our team, and we have to be diligent with that. And hey, if it’s not a good fit for you… we certainly don’t want to waste your time either! 

Here’s who we’re looking for: 

  • Someone coachable
  • Someone who has a burning desire to create success 
  • Someone who does what they say they’re going to do (is true to their word)
  • Someone who is fun to work with
  • Someone who is positive and willing to learn without making excuses

Our team has crafted an exclusive training site and marketing system that is so duplicable that anyone who wants to plug in and run for their dreams will have an unfair advantage over other home business owners. This same training and marketing system is what helped us become the fastest growing team in our original primary company for 6 years in a row. The people on our team have a passion for creating lives of FREEDOM, whatever that definition means to them, and we have a team culture of support and encouragement that is unparalleled in our industry. 

If you’re ready to do this with us and can appreciate the value of being part of a team that sets a high standard of excellence and who is extremely connected within the network marketing industry and you would like to position yourself as a part of this team and reap the benefits of working with us, then click on the link below to apply.