How to Stand Out from All the Other People in Your Company

Do you ever wonder how you can stand out on social media from all the other people in your company who are selling the same things you are?

As social media becomes the “go to” way to grow your business online, it seems like everyone you know is selling SOMETHING and asking people to join their team. If you want to win, you need to learn how to set yourself apart and become the “go to person” for your audience so they come to YOU when they want to buy or join, and not someone else.

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In each episode of The Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of what we cover in the episode. This week I’ve created an awesome download for you, called the Social Media Celebrity Roadmap. In this free resource I help you break down and expand on all the powerful strategies shared inside the episode and create a streamlined plan of action to help you immediately start setting yourself apart on Facebook. You can download it by clicking on the image above, or just click here.

Do you ever cringe when you see every rep in your company sharing the same post on social media anytime your company has a product or enrollment special? If you’ve ever wondered how you can learn to stand out in a sea of other consultants, this episode is for you. 

First Thing’s First… 

I purposely avoided putting this word in the title of the episode because I didn’t want to send you running before we even got started. Are you ready for it? The word is BRANDING. The way you set yourself apart on social media and stand out from all the other people who are selling the same thing you are is by learning to brand yourself. Plain and simple. 

Now don’t you go running off yet. 

Branding probably doesn’t mean what you think it means! 

When most people hear the word “branding” they immediately start thinking they need a logo, and a color palette, and maybe even a blog or a fancy YouTube channel. And while yes, those things can be part of your “brand”… it’s certainly not as complicated as all that. 

Branding simply means: A feature that distinguishes an organization from it’s rivals in the eyes of its customers. 

In other words: branding helps you stand out. 

If you want to learn how to set yourself apart on Social Media you have to accept that branding is the answer. It’s not a matter of opinion… it’s just the way it is! You will never stand out in a noisy social world by following the crowd and marketing your product and company the same way everyone else is. 

Most people don’t brand themselves… they brand the company’s they represent! And what a mistake that is. I can say that with confidence because I used to be the same way… until I learned how much better my results would be if I STOPPED shouting my company’s name and products all over the internet and focused on become a source of VALUE to my audience instead. 

Let’s dive in to what that means… 

Choosing Your Brand Direction 

As network marketing professionals we have the option to brand ourselves in one of two ways: product or business. 

Inside the social media celebrity roadmap I help you discover which one of these paths is right for you. There isn’t a wrong or right answer here… you can be just as successful with either focus, but you need to choose one. 

I discuss this more inside the podcast episode… but here’s the thing: once you choose your brand direction, your primary focus should be to become the “go to” person for your audience in that arena! 

Listen to the episode for more insight on this.

Value, Value, Value

Too many people turn their social media channels into informercials… which not only turns your audience off, but actually sends them running for the hills. 

Instead, to set yourself apart on social media learn how to become a source of value for your audience in your chosen niche. 

(Download the Social Celebrity Roadmap to learn more about this.)

When it comes to branding, this is where the rubber hits the road. Branding yourself can be as simple as creating a solid social media strategy that trains your audience to come to you when they think of __________ (fill in the blank with your chosen niche: health and wellness, jewelry, healthy living, clean living, network marketing, financial freedom, becoming debt free, etc, etc, etc.) 

I want to help you craft your social media strategy, but it all starts with understanding the importance of branding and choosing your brand direction.

So here’s your homework: 

  1. Download the Social Media Celebrity Roadmap and complete the worksheet to define your own brand direction and get really clear on what branding means for you and your business. 
  2. Come back here next week for the Freedom Factor Podcast Episode 32, where I’ll be diving in to help you create a social media strategy around your chosen brand. 
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