I’m a planner by nature. 

Planning has always come very natural for me but when it comes to my planning for my Network Marketing business…

I’ve found that when planning goes by the way side, it’s because I’ve not been in consistent activity doing what I know will create the results I’m looking for! 

In today’s post, I’m going to share “How to Make a Monthly Plan for Your Network Marketing Business” that will help you to actually achieve the results needed to reach your goals!

So, if you are a planner like me, you are going to love todays post.

But… if you don’t consider yourself a planner, yet you have goals you’ve not reached in your Network Marketing business, you are going to LOVE todays post, too!

Let’s dig in.

And as always, I’ve prepared a freebie to help you out!!! Be sure and download it below. 

How to Make a Monthly Plan for your Network Marketing Business

  1. Personal Activity in Review
  2. Personal Results in Review
  3. Team Activity in Review
  4. Team Results in Review
  5. Personal Activity Plan
  6. Team Activity Plan
  7. Goals
  8. Rewards

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Let’s Dive into “How to Make a Monthly Plan for Your Network Marketing Business”

#1 Personal ACTIVITY in Review 

  • The first activity category is your AM routine, professional development, personal development and live events.  

We are big… no, we are HUGE believers in having a Morning Routine in place. How you begin each day sets the tone for the rest of your day in every way.

If you don’t have a ‘Morning Routine’ in place that’s working for you, register for our 4-Step Online Prospecting and Team Building Blueprint we’ve used to create a 6-figure business.

Hint. Hint. Step 1 is a Morning Routine and we break ours down step by step for you in our webinar. 

Are you attending your company training calls? No, not ALL of them… but at least a few each month? 

What about Personal Development? Are you reading (or listening) to books on a consistent basis that are on subjects that will move you into being that person you need to be to achieve the goals you want to reach?

Are you registered for your company’s next live event? I can’t stress enough how important it is to attend events if there is any way you can make it happen. Once you’ve attended and event, you will understand. It’s pretty much non-negotiable. 

  • The second activity category includes adding names to your list, inviting presenting and following up with your prospects. 

Expanding your network and adding new names to your master list is an activity that is an absolute must. 

Then from those names on that list, you need to be inviting a minimum of 14 a week to take a look at either your business or products. Your looking for people you would LOVE to work with. Everyone is not a prospect. Some are projects. 

From the invitation, you want to move to presentation, then follow-up until… follow-up until they join you, become a customer or tell you no.

Following-up is not being pushy.

It’s being professional.

Professionals follow-up. 

  • The third and final activity category is your marketing or your social media posts. 

We use the 10-4-1 formula. 

10 non-business related posts for every 4 indirect business posts for every 1 DIRECTLY related business post.

Facebook is where the traffic is at the time I’m writing this. Learn and find success with one social media platform before you take on a 2nd or 3rd!

Back to Facebook, video is big right now and Facebook Live is huge. Some of your posts should be you going live! It helps your audience to get to know you. People join those they know, like and trust! Video makes you more real! 

That being said, if you have not consistently completed the 10-4-1 posting formula described above, do that first… and for 90 days then add video!

So, do you know how you did on these activities this last month?

It is so important that we keep track. That we know what activities we did well, and where we fell short.

How else can we improve and do better? Right? 

If would like a worksheet that breaks all these activities down (plus the results and goals I’ll be talking about below) grab this freebie I created for you.

We actually just created this for our team, customized for our Network Marketing company and gave it to them last week on our team call and they all loved it!

I made a few changes to the worksheet so it can work for any company and you can download your free copy below. I hope you enjoy it… and that it helps you to grow your business.  

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#2 Personal Results in Review 

This one is easy. Results are black and white. There is no grey area. 

Log in to the back office of your Network Marketing company website. 

You need to make note of your personal volume, active customers and new customers. What about customer reorders? These are things we need to know.  

Were you qualified for commissions? Now, that’s important. Sad but true, I’ve had downline who did not get paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars because they let their credit card expire or their auto ship fail or process… and never noticed until the check didn’t arrive. Hum??? 

How many new team members did you enroll last month?

What was your title?  Now, let’s look at the $$ you earned. What was your income from your Network Marketing business last month?

What about contest earnings? Did you win any of the contest your upline or company offered?

Then what about ‘other’ income earned from tools your use, love and refer to others? If you aren’t doing this, you should be!  

#3 Team Activity in Review 

This one is short an sweet… for the most part, all we can track in our ‘team’s activity’ is what they involve us in. 

How many group messages (with prospects) did your team include you in last month?

Or, maybe your company is big about 3-way calls. How many of those did you do last month with your downline?

Don’t know? That’s not good.

We’ve got to track these things to know where we need to improve. Where we can encourage our team.

#4 Team Results in Review

Okay, #4 is very similar to #2. 

It’s all about the number. Log in to your NWM website and study the numbers.

Write them down.

Yes, even if the number is 0 (zero), you’ve got to write it down.

This is a POWERFUL experience that must be done every month.

Grab the free download I’ve created for you. It walks you through each step of #4 on page 4. 

#5 Personal Activity Plan

This is where the FUN begins!!! 

This is where you can totally, yes… TOTALLY change your ‘results’ in your future.

Looking back over your activity and results, you have to evaluate and ask yourself, “What could I have done more of, what could I have been more consistent with, what could I have done better… that would have moved me closer to my goals?” 

Here, we’re looking at the same activities that I talked about in #1 above but this time, you are in TOTAL control.

You are designing your future.

You are planning your ‘results’ by planning your activities. 

What activities do you need to plan? 

  • Your morning routine
  • Attending training calls
  • Reading X number of pages of personal development
  • Making plans to attend your company’s next live event
  • Expanding your network
  • Inviting X number a day/week to look at your opportunity or products
  • Having X number of invites to experience a presentation
  • Work your Network Marketing business X number a week 
  • Following up on time, every time
  • Touching Base with your customers
  • Touching Base with your business partners
  • X number of non-business social media posts
  • X number of indirect posts
  • X number of direct business posts

and when it comes to these last two, keep notes… your best ideas will come when you don’t need a post!

Keeping notes on your ideas as you see what others are doing or as they come to you on our own will save you a ton of time and frustration. 

#6 Team Activity Plan

Just like #3 above, this one is short and sweet but I do have an important message for you so don’t stop reading. (wink, wink) Here, all you can plan, is really only what you can speculate and encourage.

In Network Marketing, we are working with a volunteer staff… but the cool thing is, it’s a staff of dreamers!

People who see the opportunity this industry offers; more income that provides more time to do more with those we love and enjoy spending our time with! More opportunity to impact more lives. More opportunity to make a difference. How cool is that? 

But the reality is, we can’t ‘make anyone’ do more… but on the flip side, we can lead them to do more… how?

Lead by example.

But, back to the ‘team activity plan’ — all we can do here is aim for more group messages (or 3-way calls, if that’s what your company/team does) this month than the number that we had last month.

Then, of course, sharing this “Monthly Business Plan Worksheet” is an easy way to encourage our team to step up their game, as well. 

#7 What are your Goals for this Month?

  • Personal Goals?
  • Team Goals?
  • Title and Income Goals?

You’ve got to know where you want to be by the end of the month. And I want you to plan this by looking at where you ended last month… and the month before and the month before that one! 

#8 Rewards

Okay, this might just be the most important piece. 

You’ve done the work. You’ve set goals, done the activity and the results are maybe not HUGE yet but you can see you are making progress… or maybe they are HUGE, that’s even better!

How are you rewarding yourself for staying the course and seeing your business plan come to fruition? 

How are you rewarding your family (spouse and kids) for supporting you and your business?

Make sure you have ‘rewards’ for each and every step in your journey and that you follow-through on them!

Then, document these rewards, as well.

Take photos and create an album.

I promise, this will be something you WILL look back on and appreciate maybe even more than the titles and income!

Yes, really!

Enjoy the journey.  

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“The seeds of your SUCCESS are driven by your Prospecting habits!”
~ Unknown

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If you’ are a planner like me, I hope you loved this blog and the freebie… and if you aren’t a planner hopefully today’s blog and this freebie will help you to plan more and achieve more as you move forward in your Network Marketing business!

I wish you much, much success. 

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