Following Up in Network Marketing

When it comes to follow-up in Network Marketing, Eric Worre says there are 3 types Network Marketers.

I’ve been all three types and I’ve worked with all three types!

“When it comes to follow-up in your business, what type of Network Marketer are you?”

3 Types of Network Marketers

  1. Posers
  2. Amateurs
  3. Professionals

“Diligent follow-up and follow-through will set you apart from the
crowd and communicate excellence.” ~ John C. Maxwell

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How Posers Follow-Up in Network Marketing

A poser is one who invites a person to take a look at their opportunity or products one time — and moves on!

That person either says yes and signs up OR… the poser moves on to never reach-out to that person again.  


How Amateurs Follow-Up in Network Marketing

An amateur will invite a person to take a look, then follow-up through multiple exposures over time.

WHAT? How is this amateur?

I hear ya! This is exactly what I asked when I heard Eric Worre say this! 

Well, you see… an amateur will follow-up through multiple exposures over time… but it’s very slowly over time. As in several weeks, months or even longer.

While this is better than a poser’s process, it’s still not the most effective method for your business or for your prospect either! 

How Professionals Follow-Up in Network Marketing

A professional on the other hand, will condense the multiple exposures into a short amount of time. And preferably over a week to 10 days… or 2 weeks at most.

Of course there are always exceptions.   

I was fortunate to work with Eric Worre for about 18 months before he made the move to be a full-time trainer within our industry.

During that time, he taught me many valuable lessons that I will forever be grateful for… but I especially appreciated and still apply to this day his Follow-Up Formula.

I’ve created a free download for you with Eric’s Professional Follow-Up Formula along with a timeline of how I follow-up. 

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“If you simply don’t follow-up with leads or prospects, you are probably missing out on 80% of the people you could be sponsoring.” ~ Ray Higdon 

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