How to Design Your Ideal Week as a Network Marketing Professional

Do you ever struggle to juggle ALL the things you need to get done in your network marketing business? Between your own personal prospecting, showing up on social media, and working with your growing team… balancing it all can sometimes feel impossible.

Well, in this week’s episode I’m going to give you a sneak peek into my own personal business routine and how I structure my time each and every week to make sure I am as productive and efficient as possible.

If that sounds good to you, be sure to listen to the full episode here.

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to give you a powerful free resource to help you get more out of what we cover together. By the time this episode you’re going to have my BEST strategies for how to balance all of your network marketing business responsibilities… but I want to do you one better and help you put those strategies into action.

To help you with that, I’ve created a FREE PDF download called Your Ideal Week Workbook. This workbook will help you create the framework for how your schedule will look each week in a “perfect world” — you know… the one with no distractions, interruptions or unexpected emergencies.

Then it shows you how to use this framework as a springboard for planning EVERY week — regardless of how many crazy twists and turns life throws your way.

This isn’t a super FUN topic. But believe me when I say… it is NECESSARY. Either you become the master of your time, or time becomes the master of you. And without learning the discipline of mastering your time and running your business like a network marketing professional, you’re never going to reach the income goals you have for your business.

You can download the Ideal Week Workbook FOR FREE by clicking on the image above, or just click here.

The 3 Things You Need to Make Time for In Your Network Marketing Business Each Week

As a network marketing professional, you need to schedule time each week in 3 key areas: Active Prospecting, Attraction Prospecting and Team Building. 

I break down each of these categories in the podcast episode (minute 07:45) — but a quick summary, here’s how you can define each one: 

Active Prospecting: The active prospecting activities that make you money in your business such as growing your network, inviting, presenting, following up and enrolling. 

Attraction Prospecting: The activities you take on social media to build your own brand and create an audience of people who reach out to you to learn more about your business. This strategy is ESSENTIAL and absolutely needs to be included in your routine to help you create more success longterm. **IT CANNOT and SHOULD NOT replace Active Prospecting though!!

Team Building: Working with your growing team and providing the resources for fast start and ongoing training (don’t forget to leverage your upline and the tools they offer here!), making time for 3-way messages and 3-way calls, and coaching.

How Much Time Do You Need to Work Your Network Marketing Business?

The short answer? 10-15 hours per week. Get the full breakdown in the podcast episode (minute 14:08). 

How Should You Structure Your 10-15 Hours Each Week for Best Results?

I learned an awesome strategy from a man by the name of Michael Hyatt when I invested in his Full Focus Planner. 

In the planner, Michael talks about the importance of creating time to work your business in 3 key areas: 

On Stage
Back Stage
Off Stage

Your ‘On Stage’ time is where you make your money. These are your income producing activities, which I break down in more detail in the podcast episode and in the Ideal Week Workbook. As a network marketing professional, you need to be spending 80% of your 10-15 hours each week in this category.

Your ‘Back Stage’ time is the time spent PREPARING to be on stage. This includes preparing training and content, scheduling social media posts and your own personal and professional development. You need to be spending 20% of the 10-15 hours you spend working your network marketing business each week back stage. 

Just as important as knowing when you’ll ALWAYS work your business (on stage and back stage time), you must also know when you will NEVER work your business. This prevents burn out, and helps you learn how to build a network marketing business you’re proud of while still maintaining (and improving) on the lifestyle you want to live. 

In the Ideal Week Workbook I help you break down each of these categories so you can schedule time for each one, no matter how busy your life is each week. 

Putting It All Together

My challenge to you is to download the ideal week workbook and spend some time discovering and designing your ideal week. Use the pages in the workbook to discover what an ideal week looks like for you, then design it using the free digital calendar I recommend (I included a short video tutorial to get you started) and stay on track by committing to the weekly review strategy I talk about in Step 3 inside the workbook.

Determine today that you will develop the habit of discipline and organization that allows you to become a network marketing professional and create the results you desire in your business!


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