Success in anything, usually comes down to doing specific activities again and again (consistently) over time. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about our career, our health or our relationships.

It’s takes developing the right habits. 

Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes! Of course you do! It just makes sense.

And guess what? Experiencing success in our Network Marketing business, it’s no different. 

In fact, success is inevitable in your Network Marketing business if… if you can do the right things consistently for a long enough period of time. 

Here’s the problem, though.

We ‘think’ we are doing more of (or less of) certain activities than we really are! 

“What gets measured, gets managed.” ~ Peter Drucker 

So, what is the solution?

You need to TRACK!

No, you HAVE to T.R.A.C.K.

Let’s use loosing weight as an example… what are some things you might track if you were wanting to loose weight?

  • What foods you eat.
  • What beverages you are drinking.
  • How much water you intake daily.
  • Supplements you are taking.
  • And the amount of exercise you are getting.

Tracking not only holds us accountable, it shows where we need to make adjustments. 

Let’s shift now to tracking in our Network Marketing business.

I remember when ‘tracking’ my daily activities was first introduced to me by a legend in our industry, Tim Sales.

Basically, Tim said… you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

That made so much sense to me.

Fast forward just a few years, I hired my first business coach, Michael Clouse and guess what was the first thing he had me do?

You guessed it.

Track my daily activities in my business!

Once I began tracking… I immediately realized what activities I thought I was doing but wasn’t and was able to correct that!

Within 90 days I watched my business (and income) begin to increase!

What activity should we be tracking in our Network Marketing business?

There are SIX Activities I was coached to Do AND Track daily and it’s these six activities, when done consistently over time, that increased my income…

and these same SIX activities (listed below) continue to work for me today. 

They will work for you, and increase your income, too!  

Six Daily Activities to Track:

  1. Review Your Why and Goals
  2. Personal Development
  3. Professional Development
  4. Invite _____ to Look at Your Business 
  5. Follow-Up on Time
  6. Teach Those Who Join You to do the Same

Once you are on track… and know your ‘score’ — there are no more excuses.

You either adjust and correct, or you don’t! 


  • Eliminates wasted time
  • Helps you to discover your weaknesses 
  • Builds a culture within your community (teach your team to track!) 
  • It creates duplication (when you know what’s working, you can share it with your team)

I’ve been in the Network Marketing industry since the Fall of 1998.

Once I experienced the power of tracking… and how it was directly connected to the growth of my business and income, I’ve come to track more and more areas within my business but…

in the beginning, when I first began to track, I tracked only the six daily activities I shared with you above.

These are a great starting point.

I want to challenge you to download print off THREE copies of the Success Chart below that I created for you… then commit to use track for 3 months.

Feel free to share these with your team!

The only favor I ask is that you message me on Facebook and let me know your results. Will you do that?

Comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you. 

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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” ~ Unknown 

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Share this with your team and friends who are struggling in their Network Marketing or Direct Sales business… their struggles will fade when they begin to TRACK the activities that matter most. 

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