How to Strategically Grow Your Business Using Closed Facebook Groups

In this week’s episode I’m going to share how you can strategically grow your business online using closed Facebook groups to promote your products and business opportunity. Facebook groups can become a key element of your business strategy — providing value and social proof to your prospects and team members — IF you do them the right way! Today I’m going to share how our team is successfully using Facebook groups to enroll people weekly so you can do the same.

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In each episode of The Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a free resource to help you get more out of what we’re covering in the episode. In our business, we use our closed Facebook groups to deliver the business presentation to our prospects using a series of short videos in a pinned post at the top of the group.

To help you get started, I’ve created a free download called The Key Elements of a Dynamic Presentation to help you piece together your own presentation post for your new Facebook groups. In this freebie I lay out exactly what you need to include in your presentation post to create curiosity, promote urgency and have your prospects walking away feeling, “I can do this.” You can download this guide for free by clicking on the image above, or just click here.

Strategy: Facebook Page vs Facebook Profile vs Facebook Groups

  • Pages work really well if you are using Facebook Ads to promote your business (I don’t recommend or personally do this, but it can be very successful for some people!)
  • Your Profile is the place to create curiosity and encourage your audience to start a conversation with you!
  • Groups are where you promote your business and products by providing value and social proof to those who’ve raised their hand and said, “YES I want to learn more!”

For more details, listen to the full podcast episode!

3 Types of Facebook Groups to Include In Your Strategy

Business Opportunity Group: This is where you will share a pinned post with your business presentation videos, as well as share success stories, rank advancements and welcome new team members! Remember — your goal with this group is to provide value AND social proof! 

Product Group: This is where you can provide a product presentation, share before and afters, product testimonials and product information as well as share any product specials or promotions your corporate offices are running. 

Team Group: This group is the ‘home base’ for your team — a place for people to ask questions and learn together, welcome new team members and share team/company announcements. 

For more details on the function and content of each group, listen to the full podcast episode!

Filling Up Your Groups (How to Invite Your Prospects) 

For more details on HOW to invite people to your group, including how to fill up and launch your new group, how to include past prospects in your new group and how to make your group a resource for your entire team to use and benefit from, listen to the full podcast episode.

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