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Melynda Fitt Melynda Fitt

Not sure how I failed to return and report, but since implementing many of the systems I have learned here, I have rank advanced twice and am now two ranks from the top of my company!!!! And it looks like I am going to hit the next one this month. I had been stuck at my previous rank for five months and in three months, blew through the next two!!!!!!!!

So, thank you Freedom U for helping me get my head straight about so many things - this stuff works if you work it!!!!!

Tiffany Currie Tiffany Currie

Great Big THANK YOU to Jordan and Kathy for all their incredible training and content. And thank you to this group for your support!! I JUST found out that I'm in the top 5 on my team (of 200 bossbabes) for recruiting in the 17/18 year and I've only been on the team for 7 months!!

Without a doubt this success is thanks to you all! I still have a lot of learning and growing to do but I'm so excited and proud!

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