As a Network Marketer, do I need a blog?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I hear! 

In today’s blog post… I’m going to address this question and provide you with (in opinion) both the pros and cons — then you can decide what’s right for you.

But first, 

  • Do you need a blog to make money in Network Marketing? No.
  • To build a big organization in Network Marketing, do you need a blog? No.

And here I am, a Network Marketer, typing this out to you, who is likely a Network Marketer and you’re reading this on my blog! LOL

What the heck?

Great question! 

Let me explain.

I honestly do not believe blogging is for most people. And I’m 100% certain it is not necessary to be a successful Network Marketer.

And just because blogging isn’t for you today… doesn’t mean it never will be! 

Blogging wasn’t for me… for many, many years. And I built a successful Network Marketing business long before I had a blog.

Yet, that being said… I wish I’d of started blogging sooner than I did… and when I did get started, I wish I’d of been more consistent with publishing content from the beginning.

Today, I’m going to help you decide if now is the time for you to become a blogger and… should you decide to do so, how to prepare and plan so you can and will be consistent!  

The Who – Why – What – When and Where about Blogging

  1. Who should blog?
  2. Why should you blog?
  3. What should you blog about?
  4. When should you start a blog?
  5. Where can you learn to build a blog? 

“Content is ANYTHING that adds value to the reader’s life.”
~ Unknown

Who Should Blog?

Anyone who has the desire. Yes, that includes you!!!

Your ability to write should not be a determining factor.

Every blog I read on a regular basis and the blogs I check out on occasion each have their own style and personality!

They are each a reflection of the person who owns the blog so this only makes sense… our world is made up of many people and we’re all unique. Right? 

Why Should You Blog?

Blogging can be and is a hobby for a lot of people. In other words, their blogs don’t in any way contribute to, or have anything to do with being part of their plan to increase their income.

I’m not talking to those people. 

I’m talking to the Network Marketers who have a desire to build a business, a strong and solid business in the Network Marketing space.

I’m talking to those who have a desire to have a career in Network Marketing. Saying that, I want to be clear, I’m not talking about the number of hours once works their NWM business a week…

In everything I personally do and in all that I teach, I’m always about part-time hours with a full-time (plus more) income!   

Back to the question, “Why should you blog?”

Blogging, when done the right way will bring leads to you — that turn into prospects… then into customers and/or team members on auto-pilot!   

Once your blog gets a little traction going, you couldn’t stop the leads coming in if you wanted to… unless of course you shut your blog down! LOL 

What Should You Blog About?

First, remember… when it comes to blogging, the goal is to bring people to you!

It’s a business strategy to increase your income.

We’re not taking about ‘hobby bloggers.”

Also remember, I teach Network Marketers how to build their businesses online. That is my cup of tea! LOL

There are many types of blogs on the World Wide Web but when it comes to Network Marketing…

There are ‘basically’ two types of blogs:

  1. Blogs that share and teach Network Marketers how to be better Network Marketers
  2. Blogs that share and teach on the various product niches within Network Marketing 

What are you most experienced about? 

What are you most passionate about?

What do you LOVE to talk, share and help others with the most when it comes to your NWM business?

Answer that question and THAT is what you blog about!!! 

When Should You Start a Blog?  

Sooner than later.

In other words, ASAP. 

If… you have the finances to do so.

I’m not going to lie.

There are initial costs for starting a blog and there are ongoing expenses, as well. I am not a tax specialist, so consult with your CPA but I can tell you my experience.

All the expenses for my blog have been and continue to be categorized as business expenses and are a deduction.

If… you are not brand new to your current company. 

I have new team members come to me and ask, “How do I start a blog?”

And I’m always happy to guide them to the resources that can help them but… I always encourage them to complete their Fast Start training that we have lined out step by step first.  

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.
~ Unknown

Where Can You Learn to Build a Blog?

THIS RIGHT HERE is the most important piece in today’s blog post!

If you’ve made it this far, then you are seriously considering taking your business to the next step and becoming a blogger!


You will have no regrets. And… lucky you, you’re here on my blog and THAT is going to save you a ton of time and money!

Over the years, I’ve lost count of how much I’ve invested in ‘trying’ to learn to blog!

Lots and lots of time and lots and lots of money. No regrets, it’s been worth it but… I want you to have a short cut! 

OMG!!! Seriously, I’ve taken more courses on “How to Blog” than I can count.


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To get you on the right path… and a few things to think about, I’ve created a freebie for you!

My Top 10 Blogging Tips for Network Marketers

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To Blog = To Share.
To Connect. To Create. To Inspire. 

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Hopefully the “Who – Why – What – When and Where” when it comes to blogging has helped you to become more clear in deciding if blogging is for you… 

and if timing for you to begin your path as a blogger is not right today — remember, no today does not mean no forever!

It only means not right now! 

If you have friends that you think might enjoy today’s blog post, feel free to share. 

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