In our free Global Freedom Community, at least once a week someone will post a question asking, “Is it okay to work more than one Network Marketing company?”  

When someone personally asks me this question or I see it posted in our community, my first response is, “Why would you want to?” 

And they usually respond with something like, “Well, I love the products in both of these companies.” Or, “The products don’t compete with one another, in fact, they compliment one another.” Or, “I’m not sure which one will do better.”

Those are legit responses, right? 

Well, in today’s blog, I’m going to share my opinion and why I feel the way I do.

Before we dive in, I want to share a quote from Matt Morris. He’s is a long time friend in our industry that I had the pleasure to meet and work with in 2001.

I agree with his perspective 100%.   

“From my perspective, I look at working multiple network marketing companies as an invitation and almost an expectation of failure which will ultimately lead to… failure!”
~ Matt Morris

In my early days of Network Marketing, one of my mentors said, “Working more than one MLM is like being married to two people at the same time.”

That really stuck with me.

Heck, dating more than one person at the same time would be challenging enough but at least that’s doable.

Eventually, though… I’m sure you’d agree, a decision would have to be made. One would need to choose then commit to one marriage partner.


Never would we marry both people!  


If the marriage comparison doesn’t connect for you, maybe Ray Higdon’s analogy of a preacher trying to pastor two different denominations will click.

How long do you think a pastor could get by with leading one church of one denomination on Saturday nights, then another denomination in another church on Sunday mornings?

Not very long! 

I know, business and church are NOT the same thing, nor are business and marriage.

I get that!

I’m only using these as examples, to get you thinking.

I WANT you to be hugely successful in your Network Marketing business. I really do.

I mean, really… unless we work personally with one another, you working multiple companies or one company isn’t going to effect me one way or another.

But my purpose of every blog post is to share the best tips and strategies that are proven to lead to a profitable and successful home-based business.

Tony Robbins might have said it best,
“There’s no abiding success without commitment.”

Although some companies, some products and even some teams might be more likely to lead to you having a successful business than others, more than anything… it comes down to you making a commitment.

A commitment to take the time to learn the skills.

A commitment to develop the habits.

A commitment to remain actively involved over a long enough period of time… so that success shows up for you in your business.

Depending on your experience prior to Network Marketing, success is more than likely not going to happen overnight.

But on flip side, if you commit, and decide you will show up until… the amount of success you have the probability of experiencing will blow you away! 

Sometimes though, change happens and we find ourselves in a situation where we have no choice, we have to make a move.

Using marriage as a comparison again, sometimes it ends in divorce. 

In business, it’s happened for me, and it was never what I was ‘looking’ for but a move was inevitable.

It had to be done.

And in this situation, usually, you can continue to collect a check from the past company… but again, as I mentioned above, you are only WORKING or marketing one company! 

If you find yourself in this situation, the checklist I used for finding the right company for me, might work for you, too.

You can download a free copy below. 

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Now, another thing I support, and support strongly — is being a customer of multiple, if not even many Network Marketing companies!

In fact, I have quite a few products and services I use on a regular basis from a variety of different companies.

Having multiple streams of income is another thing I support and also coach and train on, as well!

My favorite sources for other income streams are tools.

Tools I personally use, that others can use too, to build their Network Marketing business.

These are tools that I know work and make building an online business easier but more specifically, they save time

A few of the tools I use to build my Network Marketing business and would not want to be without are:

  • FTR System – an online contact manager and marketing system
  • CinchShare – a social media scheduler
  • SendOutCards – an online greeting card company that mails REAL cards, with REAL stamps, and you can even include gifts, if needed!
  • Email Signature – coolest looking signatures ever!!! These get attention. 

“Remember that success is based on COMMITMENT, faith, discipline, attitude and a few stepping stones along the way.
~ Jim Rohn

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