First, I want to define affirmations for you then we’ll get into how to write them, when to use them and why they will work to create the success you want in your Network Marketing business. 

Affirmations are a tool for improving our mental programming… for changing our mindset!

An affirmation is a statement about something you want to be true in your life.

I’ve heard people sometimes refer to affirmations as lies you tell yourself and repeat daily — but today I’m going to share how I’ve learned to change these lies into truth. Into reality. 

“An affirmation opens the door.
It’s a beginning point on the path to change.”
~ Louise L. Hay 

Four Simple Steps for Creating Your Affirmations

  1. Write out the Result You are Committed To and Why
  2. Write out the “Necessary Actions You are Committed To Taking and When
  3. Read Your Affirmations Out Loud Each Morning and Evening
  4. Every, 30 – 90 Days, Update Your Affirmations

Now, below I’m going to cover each of these 4 steps in more detail.

I’ve also created a freebie below, as well that will help you with writing your own affirmations, so be sure and grab a copy of it! 

Write out the Result You are Committed To and Why

In The Miracle Morning, I love what Hal Elrod says, “don’t start with WHAT you want… because we all want things.We don’t get what we want, we get what we’re committed to!

Now, that’s important enough to say it again, “You don’t get what you want, you get what you are committed to.“

Step #1 is to write down a specific result, that will change your life and that you are ready to commit to creating (even if you aren’t sure how you will do it) and reinforce your commitment by including your why.

Your why is a compelling benefit that you will get to experience when you get the result your are committing to. 

Write out the “Necessary Actions You are Committed To Taking and When

If you skip this step, then step 1 above will have been a total a waste of your time. You MUST AFFIRM what you are Committed to Do

The more specific your actions are, the better.

Include; frequency, quantity and time frames.

Hal uses this example, which really drove the meaning home for me and I’m sure it’ll help you, too!

“So you want to be a millionaire (as an example). Who doesn’t right? But WAIT… you’re 100% committed to becoming a millionaire by clarifying and executing the necessary actions UNTIL the result is achieved?”

Now we’re talking!

Step #2 is to clarify (specific) action, activity or habit that is required to achieve your ideal outcome (or result) and state clearly WHEN and how often you will execute the necessary action.

Read Your Affirmations Out Loud Each Morning and Evening

These affirmations are not to just make you feel good.

These are strategic.

They have a purpose.

But in order for affirmations to be effective, you’ve got to say them with true feeling and emotion

Step #3 is to schedule time each day to read your affirmations, preferably in the morning before you begin your day. The purpose is to program your subconscious (autosuggestion to improve your mindset) while directing your conscious mind to take the actions needed to achieve the outcomes you want. And yes, this is a DAILY activity… but it won’t take more than 5 minutes!   

Every 30 – 90 Days, Update Your Affirmations

Lastly, writing out affirmations is not a one time activity that you never come back to again.

As you grow and improve, as your business grows and improves, your affirmations will do the same! What you are learning here be an activity you do again and again.

It’s a life long commitment.

Any time a new goal or dream pops into your mind, (and not just goals or dreams for your Network Marketing business) but for anything that is connected to an extraordinary result that you want in you life — create an affirmation.

I schedule a time to read over my daily affirmations quarterly for the purpose of evaluating and making any changes or additions needed.

Step #4 is to simply type up or write out your Affirmations… and why not create at least one for each area of your life; Business (Career), Finances, Personal Growth, Health, Family (and Friends), Romance, Recreation (Social Life) and Spiritual are some examples to consider. Then commit to reading them daily each morning and evening.

Be sure and download the free Affirmations Cheat Sheet I created for you.

It’s going to walk you through the Simple 4-Step Process for writing your own affirmations to accomplish all your goals and to actually turn your dreams into your reality! 

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“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief.
And once belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.

~ Muhammad Ali

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