Thoughts determine actions, attitudes and self-image.

To take it a step further, our thoughts determine our destiny! 

And that’s why we never, ever want to begin our day in neutral.

Each morning, we want to set our mind on the right course and the strategy I’m going to share with you today will do just that! 

“You need to carry the attitude of gratitude at all times, ESPECIALLY when things don’t go your way.”
~ Ray Higdon

The Strategy 
The I’m sharing with you today is simply, to be grateful. To look for the good and the positive. To focus on things you are GRATEFUL for and let go of the negatives.
If you are brand new to Network Marketing or you’ve been around for quite some time, I’m sure you’ve experienced frustrating moments, days, weeks and possibly even months. 
  • Prospects telling you no
  • Friends saying they will check out a video you sent over and they never do
  • You message someone and they read it but never reply
  • New team members quit a short time after they joined you in business
  • A customer returns their product order
  • and the list could go on and on…
Yuck. Even just typing these things out I noticed a decrease in my positive energy levels!
I’m guessing you felt it while reading it, too. Right? 
Why Having an Attitude of Gratitude Accelerates Success 
It’s impossible for the mind to experience a negative thought and a positive thought at the same time.
When we’re focused on the good things, our attitude is better… it makes us more enjoyable to be around.
We’re happier. Life is more fun!
People want to associate with (and work with) people who have a great attitude and having an attitude of gratitude does all of these things… which will accelerate your success!
Once you’ve developed the habit of gratitude, of beginning and ending each day with thoughts of all you have to be grateful for, you will begin to notice more and more good show up in your life! 

The Challenge

My challenge is for you to commit to using this gratitude journal outline for 30 days. Try beginning your day and ending your day with journaling for just five minutes.
Really. Five minutes is all it takes!
Maybe your skeptical.
When this challenge was presented to me, I was very skeptical.
My immediate response was, “I’m already grateful. I don’t need this.”
I took the challenge and was blown away by what a difference it made!
Like I mentioned above, this 30 day challenge turned into a life-time challenge and I will forever be grateful that my mentor cared enough to challenged me!  
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Bonus Tip

After you download the freebie I created for you, jump over to Amazon and order a copy of my favorite Gratitude Journal. It’s called the The Five Minute Journal.

I’ve lost count of how many copies I’ve purchased as gifts for family, friends and team members.

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from everyone.

This is journal is my go to for graduation gifts, too! Click here to order your copy. 

“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” ~ Brian Tracy 

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I was first introduced to the positive impact that a gratitude journal could have on my life and my business in 2011.

That’s when I accepted my first ‘challenge’ for beginning each day with journaling my gratitude.

What started as what I thought was a short and simple 30-Day Challenge turned into a life-time challenge… and LIFE-CHANGING!!!

What about you?

Are you up for a change? Will you take the challenge?

Did you download the free ‘outline’ I created for you?

Who do you know that could benefit from this challenge? Feel free to share! 

P.S. Let’s connect online! You can find me over on Facebook here or connect with my daughter, Jordan Maylea and I both over on our Boss Babes page!

I’d love to hear from you with feedback on the changes your experience from the Gratitude Challenge.