5 Strategies to Help You Get More Comments and Shares on Your Live Videos

Do you want to get more likes, comments, shares and sales from your live videos? In this episode I’m sharing my 5 best tips to help you get more engagement on your live videos. Feel free to share!

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In each episode of the Freedom Factor I like to provide you with a powerful free resource to help you get more out of what we’re talking about. One thing I hear over and over again from people is, “When I’m using Facebook live, what do I talk about? How do I do my Live Video in a way that not only grabs attention, but also brings me leads?”

Live video is intimidating enough… so if you’re going to use it, it should at least be effective, right? That’s why I put together a free Proven Facebook Live Video Formula to help you learn exactly WHAT to say in your live videos to get results.

This PDF download provides you with a step-by-step formula for exactly how to structure your Facebook Lives from the first moment you say hello, until you say goodbye at the end. It’s the same formula industry experts use in their live videos, and it’s proven to help you get results in your live videos.

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A few months ago we made the decision to stop running ads to our live videos. We knew this decision would require us to come up with more creative ways to create engagement in our videos so we could still get tons of likes, comments, shares and sales without advertising. 

The strategies we’ve been using are working REALLY well… and it’s not uncommon for us to get several thousand views on our live videos, and dozens of shares… which means our content is being seen by people we don’t know, and who don’t know us! Pretty cool, right? 

I’m excited to share these strategies with you inside this episode so you can begin using them to get more engagement in your own live videos.

Schedule Your Live Videos Ahead of Time

One strategy we’ve found that really helps boost engagement is to schedule your videos ahead of time using an app like Belive.tv. 

Get really good at being consistent — the people who get the best results with live video are those who show up, consistently, week in and week out. You need to train your audience to expect you, so they are anticipating your upcoming broadcast and begin looking for it in their feed each week. 

By deciding ahead of time what day and time you’ll go live each week, sticking with that schedule consistently and using Belive.tv to schedule your live videos so people can get reminders, you’ll build up a loyal audience of people who can’t wait to tune in! 

How often should you REALLY go live each week? I share the answer inside the podcast episode so be sure to tune in!

Send an Email to Your List to Remind Them About Your Live Video

What? You’re not building an email list? Check out Episode 35 now to discover why you ABSOLUTELY need to be building a list if you want to grow a successful business longterm. 

When we started emailing our list 15-45 minutes before our live video each week, we saw a major increase in our engagement. Keep the emails short and sweet: share the title of your upcoming broadcast, and tease the benefits of what you’ll be covering and WHY someone would want to tune in.

Ask for Engagement During Your Live Videos

If you want something in life, you just gotta ask for it! And that includes asking for engagement in your live videos! Ask your viewers to share their location, whether they’re tuning in live or catching the replay, and for agreement throughout the broadcast by sharing a 1, 2 or 3 in the comments when they can relate to something you said.

Want to hear some more specific examples of how to ask for engagement? Listen in to the episode to hear them now.

Run a Contest to Get More Shares in Your Live Videos

This has been a game-changing strategy for us. Throughout your broadcast encourage people to share your video by offering a free giveaway. In our Real-Talk Wednesday broadcasts each week we ask our audience to share and comment on the video to go in to a drawing to win a free book or audio. 

What you give away isn’t important — it can be anything related to your niche, or even something as simple as a Starbucks or Amazon gift card! The important thing is to be consistent and train your audience to expect a giveaway… this will create momentum and excitement around your videos and you’ll find you get more and more shares every week.

Do Your Live Videos with a Purpose

One of the most important things you can get from this episode is that if you want to get more likes, comments, shares and sales from your live videos you need to go live with purpose and intention. 

Create a strategy and a plan, then work your plan! Consistency and value will always win the day. 

I give you the step-by-step formula for creating dynamic Facebook Live videos that generate excitement and engagement from your audience inside my free Facebook Live Video Formula download. Click on the image below to grab it now!

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